It's #WorldDiabetesDay and there are stories everywhere about living with the dangerous and difficult condition

The #NHS STP regional plans will be published soon; but has someone let the cat out of the bag?

On the other hand, #Tesco are doing something right when it comes to sugary (or now not so sugary) drinks

The Big Picture
The General Practice Forward View and the Language of Change

It’s a truism of progressive thinking that brave new worlds are a whole lot easier to envisage than to implement. This has certainly been the case in the healthcare sector; over the whole life of the NHS, the consistent milieu has been one of an organisation struggling to create an ideal version of itself while …

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Malc's Musings
Lord of the Wrongs?

We were very amused to read about Google’s translation software and its literary distaste for Russia. The nice people at Google said it was all a machine error (which means their algorithms may actually have a sense of humour; we’re not sure if we should feel good about that or not), but we can’t help …

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