Who We Are

We are the people who make Research Works. We come from a broad range of backgrounds, and between us we embody a rich blend of experience. What brings us together is a common interest in understanding the world we live and work in, and communicating that understanding in a way that helps you to succeed in your field. We like what we do, and we like working together, and that shows in the quality of our services.

Meet The Team

Malcolm Scott

Malcolm Scott

Managing Director

BSc (Hons) Psychology, MSc Applied Psychology, full member MRS

A research veteran with over 20 years of qualitative experience across many sectors: health, finance, retail, FMCG/technology/telecoms, and transport. Topics and subjects covered – health policy, health service delivery, communication strategy and implementation, staff/organisational change. Malcolm likes rock music, fine wine and the Fortean Times.

Emily Moloney

Emily Moloney


B.A (Hons) Economics & Administration, Post-Grad Diploma Marketing, Fellow of the RSA, full member MRS

Emily has over twenty years of experience in quantitative, social and consumer qualitative research. Emily joined RWL in 1992; for her, research offers intellectual independence, the challenge of a changing environment and an array of interesting topics. She likes gardening, meeting friends and the freedom of living so close to London, along with returning to the little town in Ireland where she grew up. Emily once worked as a waitress in Time Square selling fifty types of ice cream.

Amy Smith

Amy Smith

Research Director

B.A (Hons) English, full member MRS and AQR

Amy joined RWL in 1995 and she now has fourteen years of qualitative experience, regularly working on behalf of a range of government departments, voluntary/third sector and private sector financial organisations. Amy has stayed in RWL because she loves finding out what people think about things and making it into a good story. Amy loves bonanza and Stetsons.


Oliver Gent

Associate Director

BA (Hons) Film
Oliver has over 6 years’ experience in qualitative research with companies including TNS, BMRB and RWL. Oliver’s extensive experience includes the implementation of (research-literate) film across various observational methodologies with public and private sector clients. During his career, Oliver has developed expertise in behaviour change research with people of all ages and walks of life. Oliver enjoys travel, sport and socialising.

Simon Humphreys

Simon Humphreys

Senior Research Associate

Simon has over seventeen years research experience with Accent Marketing & Research, RMC and Carne Martin. His specific areas of research include publishing (new title development, title optimisation), communications and health.

Sascha Butler

Sascha Butler

Senior Research Associate


After joining RWL in February 2010, Sascha’s flair for research and connecting with hard-to-reach respondents soon emerged. Sascha’s career in food safety and hygiene gives her an ability to engage with people from diverse backgrounds. Sascha loves ‘undercover research’ and she relishes immersing herself in her respondents’ lives. Outside RWL, Sascha is devoted to her herd of 5 or 6 horses (she can’t remember, it’s constantly growing). Sascha also has two teenagers (Holly and Amber), a greyhound, a Jack Russell, 2 black cats and 2 gerbils.

Angie Ledgeway

Angie Ledgeway

Senior Research Associate

Angie Ledgeway has over 20 years experience as a researcher. Prior to joining RWL, she held several senior posts in a number of reputable agencies: The Qualitative Consultancy, BMRB, Business & Market Research, The Business Research Unit and Continental Research.


Beth Glennie

Research Executive

BA (Hons) Textile Design
Beth has gained considerable qualitative experience since joining RWL. She works closely with the senior team, contributing to moderation, analysis and project management. She is also developing her skills with input from MRS and AQR training courses. Her background in fine art and design brings a holistic and creative approach to our research. In her free time, Beth pursues her love of art and design.

Jill Barnet

Jill Barnet

Project Coordinator

B.A(Hons) English

Jill has worked in qualitative market research for 15 years – she was drawn to the bizarre diversity of worlds in which a researcher dips. Having joined RWL in January 2012, she now job-shares with Karen and together they keep RWL in order. Jill has had 3 gorgeous sons (9, 12 and 15), lived in New York for 5 years and travelled around the rest of America in a camper van.


Annelize Fagan

Project Co-ordinator

Annelize has over fifteen years’ project management experience with a variety of private and public organisations, spanning the investment, banking and rail industries. Prior to joining RWL, she was a senior project manager with Hall & Partners. She has over nine years’ experience in all aspects of the research process from set-up to field recruitment, moderation and analysis. Annelize has specific experience with online technologies – online community recruitment and management. Annelize job-shares with Jill and together they form a well-oiled machine. She has two children and as a family they enjoy live music, nature and animals, and they also have a passion for rugby!

Noel Rooney

Noel Rooney

Senior Associate

Noel Rooney is a poet, essayist, book reviewer and knife-grinder. He has been variously described as a literary angel, the first post-platonic poet, the cleverest man in the world, and an urban terrorist. He has written for a number of publications, and is a regular contributor to Fortean Times.

Noel has lived and worked in south-east London since time began.


Richard Allen


Richard Allen is a Film Associate who is an experienced and skilled filmmaker, with a background in creating ethnographic and documentary films. His role would be to film and edit the immersive interviews. He has filmed interviews with people from a variety of backgrounds, on a range of subjects including issues relating to death and dying on behalf of Liverpool City Council. Richard’s skill is in the art of telling stories, and (due to a background in editing) has excellent intuition and judgement on how to consolidate big ideas and people’s opinions whilst retaining the core message.

Our History

Research Works was founded in 1989. Our aim was to provide research and analysis of real quality; bespoke tailoring rather than off-the-peg shell suits. Twenty-three years later, our aim hasn’t changed; but our ambitions are backed up by a wealth of experience, a close-knit group of dedicated and talented people, and the facilities and organisational know-how to produce consistent, high-quality results.

The average life expectancy of a firm – of any type or size – is 12 ½ years (that’s a sobering thought, isn’t it?). We are quite clearly not the average firm. Most of the companies that started when we did are now extinct. We have survived and prospered through twenty-three turbulent years because we are exceptionally good at what we do.

We have worked with large and small clients across all sectors. We have built up a huge body of work in our core competencies, but because we are interested in everything, we haven’t stopped there. As markets have changed, we have grown and adapted. Our client list, coupled with our splendid track record, is testament to our success.Our core services span qualitative and quantitative methods with innovation and flexibility key to our recommendation for your project. We have worked with Government, statutory and regulatory agencies, corporations, SME’s and voluntary organisations. We have very few ‘one-off’ clients; people who work with Research Works usually come back again and again.

Clients & Case Studies

The people who have worked with us represent a cross-section of the best and brightest across all sectors. This is not a self-satisfied list of bums on seats, but an album, a map of an extended family with branches in every sector of the business environment.

Historical Clients

Ongoing Clients


Health & Social Care

RWL considers health topics an area of considerable expertise. RWL has recently conducted the qualitative arm of the Healthy Foundations Segmentation for the COI and Department of Health. This gives us an excellent understanding of the motivational, life-stage and environmental variables that drive public attitudes towards health and health services, especially amongst disadvantaged sectors of the population. RWL delivered a paper on Healthy Foundations at the World Social Marketing Conference in Dublin in 2011.

RWL has very extensive experience of research around choice and how the public chooses to use NHS services.

Most recently, we have looked at:

  • The NHS Services campaign: looking at communications approaches intended to persuade the public to use NHS service appropriately – initially amongst the general public, exploring a number of positionings for the NHS and in a later study, amongst NHS Managers: examining how service use issues are being tackled at PCT level in particular (including the Choose Well campaign)

Since 2004, amongst many other DH initiatives we have evaluated:

  • Role of the state and behaviour change: looking at the state and relationship to its citizens around health choices.
  • The ‘Get the Right Treatment’ campaign amongst public, patients and NHS staff
  • The ‘Caring in Many Ways’ campaign amongst public, patients and staff
  • An NHS Access campaign, which intended to signpost proper use of emergency treatment options
  • Choice and the Patient Pathway: exploring scenarios in which patients and the public do and do not value choice
  • Choose and Book: examining all aspects of this mechanism, from initial concept development through to naming and brand identity

Behaviour Change Interventions, Communications & Messaging

RWL has very extensive experience of behaviour change communications research. Most recently, we have looked at:

  • perceptions of the NHS, its brand identity and potential re-positioning of the NHS in the light of likely budgetary changes
  • staff and public communications around the QIPP agenda
  • work around a campaign to explain how HCAIs have been tackled by the NHS
  • a campaign by the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence to increase public awareness of regulatory mechanisms in the healthcare sector
  • the branding and promotion of a national Social Care helpline and online resource
  • development and implementation of the ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’ pandemic flu campaign
  • evaluation of a potential Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing communications campaign for the public
  • public communications around the Summary Care Record service
  • communications around the issue of making some NHS Constitution pledges in legally binding rights.

Business & Finance

RWL considers business and finance a specialism. We have consulted the business audience on behalf of a very wide range of clients, as described below:

  • Our current and recent project work for The Pension Regulator, amongst stakeholders, trustees, accountants, HR professionals and IFAs, has given us a strong appreciation of the key factors driving likely compliance to automatic enrolment amongst employers, and of changes shaping the pensions landscape.
  • Evaluation of a new range of pensions literature encouraging greater take-up of occupational pensions schemes on behalf of AEGON.
  • Our experience of researching compliance in a business context has been on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs on various topics – VAT; National Insurance, Employing Migrant Workers and business support. Our most recent project was inspired by the introduction of Failure to take Reasonable Care legislation. The research examined current understanding of record-keeping requirements for employers and explored the ways in which different types of employer approach record-keeping and factors driving non-compliance. We worked with HMRC to develop and test guidance with employers to assess its likely impact on practice.
  • Assessment of the UKOnline website amongst business owners and their intermediaries in a variety of sectors.
  • Examining levels of interest and use of Health and Safety Executive communications and website amongst business owners, directors, financial directors, company accountants and auditors.
  • A recent project for Allianz Insurance focused on a new line of commercial insurance solutions for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Consulting EBCs, IFAS, HR managers, Company Accountants, Actuaries and Auditors amongst medium sized enterprises about employee benefits solutions on behalf of AEGON Scottish Equitable.
  • Developing business support communications on behalf of BusinessLink (BIS) via letter and email.
  • Encouraging business owners to allow staff to become volunteer fire-fighters on behalf of The Fire Service (Department of Communities and Local Government).
  • Exploring entrepreneurial businesses on behalf of BIS (working in collaboration with Peter Jones from TV’s Dragon’s Den).

Campaign Evaluation

Over the past year RWL has quantitatively evaluated a number of campaigns including:

  • Cancer Research UK (CRUK) evaluation of Cancer Awareness campaign in Warrington involving pre & post quantitative complemented by ethnographic observation days at events plus qualitative depths with target audience.
  • Cancer Research UK (CRUK) evaluation of ‘T4 on the Beach’ during the event itself interviewing a quota controlled sample of the target audience
  • CRUK evaluation of Community Pharmacist campaign in partnership with Morrissons.
  • Anglian Water evaluation of ‘Love Every Drop’ campaign pre and post evaluation of the impact amongst households and businesses.

Our qualitative evaluation work is extensive and has covered most topics and major disease/chronic conditions. Most recently experience includes:

  • research into cancer, cancer prevention and early diagnosis of cancer, including strategic NAEDI
  • research in Liverpool PCT area amongst the target audience in relation to access to NHS services and maintaining good health through winter period. RWL evaluated a range of communication approaches, messages and formats with the target audience (over 50’s C2DE)
  • strategic development and evaluation for Department of Health’s ‘Be Clear on Cancer’ campaign. To date we have evaluated radio, press, poster and leaflet executions urging the general public to present early with symptoms of:
    • Bowel Cancer
    • Lung Cancer
    • Breast Cancer
    • Oesophageal Cancer
    • Bladder Cancer

More generally, Research Works Limited has a long history of supporting the creative development of national, regional and local public facing campaigns.

  • our recent research on behalf of North Merseyside PCT, developing a campaign designed to drive appropriate use of a wide range of NHS services. We enjoyed our experience of researching local communities across Liverpool.
  • Other examples of our involvement in campaigns developed at a national level, but implemented locally include the development of NHS Direct’s campaign to encourage non-users to consider using the NHS Direct telephone and web service and the development of Department of Health’s campaign to promote public, patient and health professional action to prevent Healthcare Associated Infections.
  • High profile examples of our national campaign development work include development of HM Revenue & Custom’s Self Assessment campaign (‘Tax doesn’t have to be taxing’ with Adam Hart-Davis and Moira Stuart) and The Electoral Commission’s ‘Don’t do politics’ campaign.

Policy Development

More broadly, we are specialists in policy development and audience testing research and has experience of working in the following sectors:

  • Transport: Department of Transport, European Commission, Scottish Enterprise and Department of the Environment (Northern Ireland)
  • Travel: Which?, Isle of Man Tourism and the Irish Tourist Board
  • Financial: AEGON Scottish Equitable, Allianz Insurance, and Barclays Bank
  • FMCG: Tesco, Boots the Chemist, Moy Park, Pork Farms/Bowyers
  • Media: BBC, Redwood, Emap and IPC
  • Retail: Tesco, Comet and Boots the Chemist
  • Consumers: for clients such as Diageo and Wyeth
  • Regulators: OFT: scams and doorstep selling; Ofcom: Community Radio licensing; NICE: Doctors’ use of prescribing guidance and resources; MHRA: early access to trial medicines; CHRE: experiences of fitness to practice hearings; Ofwat: disadvantaged consumers of water metering; Electoral Commission: evaluation of local election question wording; The Pensions Regulator: employers responses to auto-enrolment; GMC: developing a diversity policy.

Specifically, our experience in relation to data access and privacy is as follows:

  • Department of Health created a steering committee to examine the extent to which the NHS makes records available to patients and their representatives (e.g. solicitors). The research explored the processes involved in making patient records safely and securely available.
  • NHS Connecting For Health have produced a suite of materials for the general public and health professionals explaining how electronic Summary Care Records work and who can access the information.
  • RWL also explored the extent to which public information collected by the NHS can be used by third parties through a project on behalf of the Medical Research Information Service (part of the NHS Information Service).
  • Which? commissioned RWL to explore public attitudes towards government handling of sensitive household information
  • HMRC asked RWL to evaluate the reputational impacts of a major data loss incident.

Research around the establishment of proper Equality & Diversity policies

RWL has carried out research looking at Equality and Diversity policies on behalf of clients such as:

  • The General Medical Council
  • HM Revenue & Customs
  • DWP
  • British Medical Journal

In addition, we have conducted research on behalf of both Which? andBUPA in relation to sources for health advice and information.

Our Clients Say

Articles & Publications

CC Water & Southern Water: Customers Experiences of Universal Metering Programme
Summary: http://www.ccwater.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Summary-Beneath-the-Waters-Customers-experiences-of-universal-metering.pdf
Main report: http://www.ccwater.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Customers-Experiences-of-Universal-Metering.pdf

A report for the Competition and Market Authority (CMA): ‘Small and Medium Enterprise Customer Research into the Retail Banking Sector’

The Department of Health’s integrated Ebola communications team – in partnership with NHS England, Public Health England and the Royal Free Hospital – won the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) award for outstanding work in crisis and issues management in response to the Ebola crisis.

In addition, two international awards were awarded at the AMEC Summit in Stockholm. AMEC (International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications) brings together leading PR and marketing agencies, FTSE 100 companies such as Unilever and Nissan, charities and governments to improve the impact and rigour of communications campaigns.

Be Clear on Cancer

Be Clear on Cancer

The Look to Die For?

The Look to Die for?

Department of Health – The Healthy Foundations Lifestage Segmentation Research

Research Report No. 2: The qualitative analysis of the motivation segments

Department of Health – Perceptions of Social Work and Social Care Research

Report of Findings

Family Planning Association – Misconceptions: Women’s Attitudes to Planning and Preventing Pregnancy

A FPA report in conjunction with Research Works Limited

HM Revenue and Customs

First time experiences of business growth points Qualitative Research

Department of Health – Youth Facing Websites Research

COI Research Management Summary on Behalf of the Department of Health

Department of Health – Generic Infection Communication Testing

COI Research Management Summary on behalf of the Department of Health

Department of Health – Pandemic Flu & Radio Executions Testing – Hands and Rhythm Phase 4

COI Research Management Summary on Behalf of the Department of Health

Ofcom – Licensing Community Radio

A statement of Ofcom’s strategy for the introduction of community radio in the UK, and the process by which licences will be advertised, awarded and regulated.

HM Revenue & Customs – Alternative Approaches to Obtaining Information about Income in Retirement

An investigation into why customers may not return an enquiry form asking about income in retirement (P161) and what methods may be effective in encouraging them to supply P161 information.